Fantasy Rides Industry srl is specialized in constructions for industries of the leisure and entertainment.
The merger of different know how and our production capacity allow us to offer a very wide product range: “Major Rides” - “Monorail sky train” - “Dark Ride” - “Family Coaster” - “Escape Rooms” - “Water Park” and “Animatronics” diversify and enrich our offer.
Because, for us, the final decoration is an important stage, our production also wraps the scenography.

The technology processes are the result of the in-house research and development. Our constructions are realized in our workshops and are ended with the biggest care for satisfy all safety and reliability requirements.

What matters above all it is your project, it is unique. With us, yours wishes become reality.

Transform your project in a concrete, technically advanced and original product, it is to share your passion.